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A 96 caller automated 24x7 reservationless conference call account with free recording has been activated for you at You can now conduct audio conference calls anytime without a reservation with the added benefit of recording your conference calls for free! This is not a limited time offer however you must re-register in 120 days. We recommend that you print this email for your records.

 Account Information    Instructions
 Name: Barry W Lee

 Free Conference Call
 Conference Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3840
 Host Access Code: 467303*
 Participant Access Code: 467303#

 Free Conference Recording
 Subscriber PIN code: 427553#
 To start recording, host hits: *9, then the PIN
 To stop and save the recording, host hits: *9

 Free Conference Play Back
 Playback Number: (641) 715-3407
 Access Code: 467303#

Note: This account is good for 120 days.
Issue date: October 1 2007 12:31:22 PM.

  When using your free live conference call number you must notify your callers by giving them the date, time, dial-in number and access code. All parties will use the same dial-in number and enter the same access code, followed by the * or # key as specified below.

Host: When prompted, enter the assigned access code, followed by the * key.

Participant: When prompted, enter the assigned access code, followed by the # key.
Once connected to the live conference, every caller will be able to talk. Every caller will also have access to the touch tone commands listed below.

Recording Instructions
During the free live conference, the host can start recording at any time by pressing *9. The system disconnects him/her from the free live conference and prompts for the Subscriber PIN. If the Subscriber PIN is valid, the host is returned to the conference and all attendees are notified that the recording option has been started. To stop the recording, the host will press *9 again.

Play Back Instructions
To listen to the recorded conference, the host must provide attendees with the play back number and access code. Please note, this number is different from the conference dial-in number. When users call into the recording playback number, they will be prompted to enter the access code. Once confirmed, the system will play back the recorded conference. During play back, the user can scroll forward or backwards through the recorded conference. You will find the play back features below.

Features by Caller
To access the different Feature Keys when in a call, simply press the corresponding keys below - it is required that a caller enters a star (*) key before the desired feature key.

Participant Feature Keys
  Exit - exit the call
  Instructions - conference instructions
  Mute/Unmute - caller controlled muting

Host Feature Keys(Accessed by following the Access Code with a * instead of a #)
  Count - plays the number of parties in the call
  Exit - exit the conference call
  Instructions - conference instructions
  Listen only modes - host controlled muting
  Mute/Unmute - caller controlled muting
  Secured/Unsecured - stops callers from entering
  Tone controls
  Record Conference

Playback Feature Keys
  Rewind 30 seconds
  Fast forward 30 seconds
  Pause/resume playback
Touch Tone Command Explanations
Caller count - *2 key (Host only)
Allows the host to get a count of how many callers are on the code.

Exit conference - *3 key
Pressing *3 takes the individual user out of the conference call and back into the lobby.

Instructions - *4 key
Plays a menu of touch tone commands.

Listening modes - *5 key (Host only)
There are 3 different listening modes for the audience the default mode is open conversation pressing *5 once will mute the audience however the audience can un-mute them selves by pressing *6 for questions or guest speakers pressing *5 again will put the audience into mute mode with out the capability of un-muting themselves press *5 again and it will return you to open conversation mode.

Mute - *6 key
Pressing *6 will mute the line of the individual caller pressing *6 again will un-mute the line.

Security - *7 key (Host only)
Pressing *7 will secure the conference and block all other callers attempting to enter the conference pressing *7 again will re-open the conference to all caller joining.

Tone control - *8 key (Host only)
The default setting is Entry and Exit tones on pressing *8 once and you will hear entry and exit tones off, press *8 again and you will hear Entry tone off exit tone on, press *8 again and you will hear entry tone on exit tone, pressing *8 one more time will put you back in default mode with both exit and entry tones on.

Record Conference - *9 key (Host only)
Pressing *9 once will disconnect the host from the conference and prompt for the Subscriber PIN. When the Subscriber PIN is validated, the host is returned to the conference and an announcement is made to the attendees that the conference is being recorded. To stop the recording, press *9 again.

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